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Web Hosting 101: Cloud Servers versus Dedicated Servers

Are you in the market for a new web hosting service for your blog? There are tons of web
hosting companies in Malaysia offering excellent services. Do you think you need a dedicated
server, or are you willing to explore the new wonders of cloud hosting? Before finalizing a
decision, it’s important to understand all of its differences and similarities. Keep in mind that
there are operational and budgeting concerns that must be considered before finalizing the deal
with a new web host.

Cloud servers offer flexibility and scalability at a premium.

Cloud hosting models help organizations to circumvent a great investment in hardware. This
provides businesses a high level of operational flexibility. If you are having a hard time dealing
with seasonal demands, a cloud hosting plan can help you out.
With just one click of a button, you can deploy a virtual server that scales up the operations in
times of product releases, seasonal rushes, high load and other demanding instances that require
strong computing power. Because of load balancing, you can tap into the powers of various
servers, instead of depending on a single powerful server.

With the right planning, dedicated servers can bring you high performance and reliability.

Using a dedicated server is a more complex task, compared to that of a cloud server. It needs
installing, configuring and procuring a physical server in a reliable data center. This process can
only last for a few days, but it is not ideal when you require an instantly available computing
If your business has a consistent demand for IT and operational requirements, a dedicated server
can benefit you a lot. It represents opportunities to introduce quality capabilities, as well as a
high degree of corporate continuity. Since the server is solely under your control, you don’t need
to deal with bad neighbors that introduce instability.
The thing here is that maintaining a dedicated server requires an experienced IT team that is fully
capable of handling server maintenance. Your team must be able to create a strategy in
maintaining security and software updates.

Deciding between a dedicated server and cloud server

The first question you need to answer when it comes to choosing between the two is this–what
are your goals? What are your business’ IT requirements? Where do you see your website and
online presence in 1 to 5 years? Determine your goals, requirements and budget.