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Implementing In-App Referral Programs for Your Mobile App

Wanna Increase Your User Base For Your App? In-App Referral’s Might Just Be What You Need

Your application has at long last launched. You have a bunch of users who are dynamic and utilizing your application all the time. This is incredible news.

In any case, if your download rates are beginning to level or even conceivably decrease, you’ll have to think of innovative systems to get your application in the hands of new users.

There are bunches of ways that you can approach this. Yet, one of my most loved approaches to get new downloads is by motivating your present users to recommend your application to other individuals.

For what reason would anybody accomplish something like this? You must give them the motivation to. Executing an in-application referral program is the best approach to get this going.

For those of you who aren’t that acquainted with this idea or need some assistance getting guided the correct way, you’re in good fortune.

As an industry master, I have a lot of experience with in-application referrals. I’ll demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to execute a referral program that really works.

Here’s all that you have to know before you begin.


Keep User Acquisition Costs Low

Whenever you begin another advertising effort, the expense is dependably the first thing that should strike a chord. You’ll need to ensure that your spending plan lines up with the goal so that you don’t come up short on cash.

What amount does it cost you presently to get another user or client? On the off chance that this number is not sufficient, your business could be stuck in an unfortunate situation.

You have to think of modest securing procedures.

That is a standout amongst other parts of an in-application referral program. It won’t cost you much cash by any means, which makes it one of my most loved mobile application showcasing advancements.

Here’s a gander at the normal expense per application introduce from various nations.

In each business, procurement costs are everything. You can utilize this as a kind of perspective to see where your application piles up.

The motivation behind why user procurement costs will be so low a referral is on the grounds that you don’t have to elevate it to new individuals. That is its excellence.

You’ve recently got the chance to advise your present users about the program and let them to the majority of the work. This won’t cost you anything since you would already be able to get in touch with them by means of email, push notices, or at whatever point they open up your application.

It’s not equivalent to propelling another and costly promoting effort where you need to gather new data from planned clients. You don’t require new email supporters.

Presently it’s simply a question of realizing when to contact your current application users and how to pitch the program to them. I’ll cover the majority of this in a lot more noteworthy detail as we proceed.


Get A High ROI Fast

Another advantage of an in-application referral program is that you’ll get an exceptional yield on your venture. This has a great deal to do with the way that your securing costs are so low in light of the fact that these two numbers dependably go hand in hand.

Be that as it may, it ought to be really simple for you to make your cash back quick. The main significant expense of your in-application referral program is whatever you’re putting forth to your present users and new users.

To clarify what I mean in more prominent detail, I will discuss an ongoing contextual investigation. This examination centers around Uber’s ride-sharing application, which I’m certain you’re familiar with.

Here’s the manner by which their program works. At the point when a present user alludes another one, they each get a $20 credit toward a ride. So their user securing cost is $40. This number may appear to be high, but stay with me for a moment here.

Investigate how much their normal client goes through every month. With the normal user burning through $95 every month and Uber keeping 25% of that, they’ll earn back the original investment on their underlying new download cost in under two months.

Presently they can profit by these new users proceeding to spend for the length of that client’s lifecycle with the company. So regardless of whether your underlying venture sounds high, you can get an arrival on it quick with a methodology like this.

I constantly prefer to pursue the lead of the individuals who prevailing before me. Uber’s referral program is unquestionably a model that you can pursue. Their prosperity justifies itself with real evidence.


Offer An Incentive For Referrals

You may get the incidental user that alludes your application to somebody out of the graciousness of their soul. In any case, that is not a feasible or long haul technique for adaptable development.

You have to give individuals motivation to allude others. Make it worth their while. Glance back at the contextual investigation that we just talked about. $20 is unquestionably something that individuals can get amped up for.

Generally, money related advantages are the best. You ought to have a segment of your application that is committed to your referral program. Here’s an extraordinary case of what this looks like from the Airbnb mobile application.

Users shouldn’t need to experience a muddled procedure to allude others. They ought to effectively have the capacity to send the connection by means of content or email to their loved ones.

Another approach to execute this technique is with a referral code. You can randomize an exceptional arrangement of letters and numbers for every user, and then they can impart that to their companions. Or then again far better, they can redo their very own referral code so it’s anything but difficult to recall.

In any case, once more, they’re possibly going to do this in the event that you offer a real impetus. So for the Airbnb model over, the new user gets $40 and the present user gets $20.

A present user could undoubtedly get $100 in credits by alluding five individuals. That may even be worth a free night or two someplace, contingent upon the area.

On the off chance that cash isn’t traded on your application, you’ll have to think of another motivating force to empower downloads. For instance, on the off chance that you have an amusement application, you could offer free coins to help enhance the interactivity experience to users who allude their companions.


Timing Is Everything

So you just propelled your application. Time to discharge your referral program, correct? One moment.

You don’t need a referral program when you construct your application. In any case, you would prefer not to hold up too long either. Here’s the reason.

On the off chance that the referral program is accessible too early, individuals who download your application aren’t locked in and wouldn’t become steadfast clients yet. They don’t have the motivation to allude anybody in light of the fact that they don’t know whether they need to keep utilizing your application.

However, holding up too long could be an issue as well. After some time, individuals may begin utilizing your application less and less. So you must design your user lifecycle pipe to be faithful, connect with clients, and have dynamic clients.

So watch out for your application examination. Locate the sweet spot for when you have loads of downloads and a lot of day by day dynamic users who are locked in.

This is the best time to dispatch your referral program. This will amplify the development of your program and in addition the accomplishment of your application and brand.


Use Push Notifications To Remind Users About The Program

When your referral program is set up and live, you must inform individuals about it. A standout amongst other approaches to do this is through message pop-ups.

Simply don’t be pushy about it (a play on words expected). Have a go at sending a pop-up message once or perhaps twice per user to educate them concerning your program. At that point, that is it. Sending too many message pop-ups is irritating.

In the event that they don’t take the lure immediately, simply disregard it and you can endeavor to contact them again with different techniques, which we’ll talk about in no time.

Message pop-ups are incredible in light of the fact that they have such high change rates. Here’s a glance at pop-up message commitment from various businesses.

I realize that I said you shouldn’t send too many pop-up messages. Nonetheless, I have a situation where you can send different pop-up messages to a similar user about your referral program.

Convey a warning at whatever point a referral is acknowledged. So for instance, simply conveying the referral likely won’t be sufficient to get compensated. Yet, when the new user purchases something or finishes an explicit activity, the first user can be informed.

So you could send a message pop-up saying something along the lines of, “A $10 credit was simply added to your record for another referral.”

These are messages that individuals need to get in light of the fact that they’re being informed that they just got a reward. Presently this user will be tempted to continue welcoming more individuals since they realize that their referral was approved.


Leverage All Of Your Distribution Channels

Notwithstanding utilizing pop-up messages, you’ll need to concoct different approaches to get the message out about your in-application referral program. Advance it like there’s no tomorrow.

Since a few users may not, in any case, get your messages in the event that they have push warnings killed on their gadgets, you’ll have to achieve your dynamic users through different channels.

Publicize the program on your website. Maybe even shout out the app designers to garner more feedback and/or attention. You likewise need to share it on your social media profiles.

Get in contact with social influencers to advance the referral program too. Utilize each dispersion channel that you have. You can even utilize YouTube to advance it if your YouTube channel is dynamic.

Bear in mind about email promoting as well. At the point when individuals download your application, you likely had them make a profile before they could begin.

So exploit that database and contact your email endorsers. Email is extraordinary in light of the fact that users could forward the referral message straightforwardly to other individuals on their contact list.

The greater part of messages is opened from mobile gadgets. So if a forthcoming user gets an email sent to them about the program, there is a decent shot that they’ll see it on their mobile gadget.

This will make it simple for them to download and utilize your application if there is a download connect that sends them specifically to the application store.


Quality Control

Ensure that your program is running easily.

The exact opposite thing you need to happen is for somebody to allude individuals and not get remunerated. This is an awful search for your company and will dismiss individuals from utilizing your application.

You additionally need to ensure that the new clients are compensated too. Altogether test your application to ensure that it deals with every single diverse gadget and also reference techniques.

For instance, if individuals can allude companions through content and email, you have to ensure that the two alternatives work.

You likewise need to watch out for any individual who may exploit you or the program. There will dependably be individuals out there that need to discover escape clauses in the framework.

They may endeavor to make numerous records on your mobile application from various gadgets. Or on the other hand, possibly they’re setting up a few email locations and entering distinctive Mastercards to influence it to seem like you’re getting new users.

Be that as it may, actually, it could simply be one individual with five records who continues alluding themselves and receiving free stuff in return. On the off chance that this happens, again and again, it can pound your obtaining expenses and slaughter your ROI, which we talked about before.

So attempt to think of a quality control framework with security nets set up to keep things like this from occurring.


Make Modifications

Referral programs work if your current users are having an extraordinary experience with your application. In the event that your application has issues, no one will allude their companions. So ensure you’re continually refreshing the application and ensure that it’s performing at an optimal state.

Presently users will be bound to take an interest in the program and allude their companions. New users will believe these referrals in the event that it originated from their companions. So don’t disappoint them and convey a crummy application experience.

You likewise need to make acclimations to your referral program itself. It shouldn’t be an unchangeable reality until the end of time. Simply ensure that you remunerate users dependent on the advancement at the time they finished it.

On the off chance that you make acclimations to the program time and again, it tends to mistake for both you and the users. This makes it too hard to even think about keeping track of everything.

When you first dispatch the program, see what sort of progress it has. In the event that it’s not working extraordinary, modify it. Possibly you can offer a greater amount of motivation than your underlying advancement.

Inevitably with heaps of accomplishment, you could even lower the motivating force in case you’re getting a lot of downloads that aren’t originating from referrals.



In case you’re searching for a new better approach to get more downloads while keeping your ebb and flow user base drawn in, you should actualize an in-application referral program.

This is an extraordinary procedure on the grounds that your user obtaining costs will be low and you’ll get a quick profit for your speculation.

To do this successfully, you’ll have to offer motivation for the referrals. Generally, money related advantages work the best. The planning of your referral program dispatch is essential. Discharging it too soon may not be your best choice.

Use push notices and also the majority of your other dispersion channels to inform your present users concerning the program. Effectively screen the program for quality control purposes and make any modifications as required.

On the off chance that you pursue these tips, you’ll get huge amounts of new downloads by giving your present users a chance to do the majority of the work for you.

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