5 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Blogging Idiot

1. Adding unnecessary details to blog posts

Why would you write it in 10 words when you can impress your audience with 50? If you want
to keep the length a bit longer, add more important details, not unnecessary information. Good
blog writing is all about using power words, trimming the fat.

2. Writing blog posts for yourself, not for your audience

How do you get money from blogging in Malaysia? You need to provide what your audience
wants. Don’t write for yourself. You must write depending on their wants, likes and dislikes.
What type of content do they prefer reading? Your blog may be yours, but it’s content must not
be all about you.

3. Failure to infuse your personality into the content

Write for your audience, but don’t forget to inject your own branding and personality in every
content. You wouldn’t want your readers to consume bland articles. It still needs personal
touches, funny remarks and relevant stories. Branding is a significant part of every blogging

4. Thinking that blogging is all about making money

Do you want to make money online? Blogging is an avenue worth exploring when it comes to
this, but don’t ever think that it is only about earning a profit. It requires passion, effort and hard
work to succeed in the blogging world. Offer valuable advice, solutions and insights to your
readers. Entertain, and make a difference.

5. Making empty promises

This is a mistake often committed by bloggers who are also into affiliate marketing. Is your blog
post promising readers to make an additional $5,000 in their online businesses? Well, you must
back it up with a step-by-step guide and statistics. Be very careful with your words, most
especially when it comes to promises.