4 Former Churches Find New Glory as Homes

Cottekill, New York

Do you want your dream home to get inspiration from a church? The best architecture firms in Malaysia can make that amazing dream come true. This former church in New York can be the source of beautiful ideas. It was built back in 1898, and is considered as a functional, cozy and fresh space for displaying beautiful art. Of course, the structure has been restored to get rid of added insulation and mod, but the light fixtures and stained-glass windows are still there.

Outside Melbourne

This decommissioned Australian church was saved by two architects from turning into an office space. They converted it to a unique residential property, incorporating a contemporary master suite at the left side of the historic establishment. The result? A mix of new and old.

Northern Wisconsin

For architects, this old church in Northern Wisconsin is an architectural gem. In order to save this structure, structural repairs, new roof and replacement siding need to be done. Electric and plumbing jobs were also implemented to save this beautiful building. One major element is the big fireplace, which adds to the room’s scale.

Laggan, Australia

This old church was decommissioned back in 1943, and now functions as a dreamy getaway for vacationers. Its pointed-arch windows, doors and hardwood floors are original elements which stand out in the fresh, new minimalist vibe.